Rama Business Solutions works with private equity firms, venture capital investors, mutual funds and debt securities firms for the capitalization of financial resources for infrastructure projects with inbound/outbound foreign direct investments, public private partnerships, and short term contracts around the globe.

A staple of Rama Business Solutions is financial resourcing. We work closely with financial partners around the world in order to make economic development projects a reality.

We focus on the following financial areas:finance1
  • Investment Banking
  • Venture Capital
  • Private Equity
  • Debt/Equity Financing
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Public and Private Partnerships (PPP)


By developing new business opportunities through foreign direct investments with public-private partnerships, joint ventures, and short term contracts in conjunction with interested firms, Rama Business Solutions strives to finance the infrastructure development needs globally.

“Economic policies in Brazil [have] still made it one of the most attractive places for foreign firms to invest.”  – Alexandre Tombini, President of Brazil Central Bank

“Prospects for expansion of the Brazilian market are positive because it is hoped that the country will continue to grow and increase its importance in global markets and because the improvement process of the institutional environment must continue in the future.”  – BBVA Research