PROJECT: Bolingo Tea    |    YEAR: 2015 and going

Utilizing the unique and diverse ecosystem of the Democratic Republic of Congo, we are creating innovative tea blends, designed a new and delicious taste, capturing the essence of Congo. While we do this, we respect an inclusive business model of creating stable employment for women of the DRC, along with fully respecting the environment through our practices and using rainforest alliance certified tea.

LG_SenegalRE_vectorPROJECT: Hotel Residence du Rail   |    YEAR: 2016 and ongoing

Senegal hotel development that features 6 penthouse apartments, 18 executive suites, 45 hotel rooms, conference centers, swimming pool, fitness center, restaurant, and private parking (required investment 90% debt financing).

PROJECT: Struan Capital LLC   |    YEAR: 2016 and ongoing

A real estate development project for low-income housing in Chicago.

Required investment: USD $ 25,000,000.

PROJECTS: Prisma Systems    |    YEAR: 2015 and ongoing

Prisma Systems has expertise as a general contractor and project developer for solar power plants on rooftops and open spaces in the order of several megawatts. Currently we have 19 (nineteen) open projects all arround the world.


PROJECTS: Halyk Finance    |    YEAR: 2015 and ongoing 

Halyk Finance is a leading investment bank focused on Central Asia. Based in Kazakhstan, they combine intimate knowledge of the local market with the highest international standards of efficiency and integrity.  Currently, we have some invesment opportunities with Halyk Finance.


PROJECT: Stainless Turbines LLC    |    YEAR: 2016, closed on April 2016Stainless Turbines logo

A service provider for wind turbines that aims to revolutionize the industry (required investments = USD $6,400,000) with a  financing arrangement of 90% debt and 10% equity


PROJECT: Entropy Designs    |    YEAR: 2015, closed on December 2015

Entropy is positioned to deliver three paradigm-changing pieces of premium fourth generation severe weather warning software/firmware intellectual property and a full line of products for sale, subscription, and software leasing to the global market.


Prdr_energiaROJECT: RDR Energia     |    YEAR: 2014 and ongoing

RDR Energia is a company with the goal of developing and participating in the development of energy. In line with its experience, technical staff, and structure, RDR develops a wide range of services in the energy sector in South and Central America.

Imenco Logo

PROJECT: IMENCO    |    YEAR: 2014, closed on November 2015

IMENCO S.R.L focuses in the design and evolution of electrical installations. Over the years the company has grown significantly both in terms of quality and technological development. Presently, IMENCO is able to meet the development needs of electrical, mechanical, civil, and construction sectors.

Prailmark-thumbROJECT: Railmark Holdings Inc.    |    YEAR: 2013, closed on November 2015

Railmark Holdings Inc. is a railroad and rail services holding company operating primarily in the United States, with railroad business experience in 16 countries around the world.

wtec-thumbPROJECT: Wind Turbine & Energy Cables (WTEC)    |    YEAR: 2013, closed on November 2015

WTEC is a company that focuses on engineering, manufacturing, procurement and field installation; with an emphasis on alternative energy.


PROalm-new-logoJECT: Access Leisure Management    |    YEAR: 2011 closed on April 2016

Access Leisure Management is a consulting company in the entertainment and leisure industry that provides its clients worldwide with the knowledge and expertise necessary to ensure that every stage of development and operations of its projects are carried out seamlessly.

PIAM LogoPROJECT: PIAM Farmaceutici    |    YEAR: 2014, closed on 07/29/2014

PIAM is a pharmaceutical company with an array of proprietary medicinal products, dietary supplements, and medical devices to meet the needs of health and well-being in many therapeutic areas.


PROJECT: Q-Dynamic    |    YEAR: 2014 and closed on N/A

Q-Dynamic’s strengths lie in the research, development, and application of new technologies. Additionally, they use technology to improve the internal organization of an institution. Q-Dynamic also find unexpected economies as well as new customers.


PRimagesOJECT: Renco    |    YEAR: 2014 and closed on N/A

Renco’s core activities include consulting services, provision of technical staff, engineering, and construction services for the energy, oil & gas, and civil infrastructures sectors. Renco has performed thousands of projects in over 50 countries around the globe.

LogoPROJECT: Gruppo Policentro    |    YEAR: 2014 and closed on N/A

Gruppo Policentro is a leading company in planning, constructing, marketing, and managing shopping centres and multi-purpose centres. With 40 years’ experience in the property sector, Gruppo Policentro plans, promotes, and constructs luxury shopping centres and cutting-edge properties in Italy, Europe, and South America.

wnp-thumbPROJECT: Water Nano Project    |    YEAR:2014 and closed on N/A

WNP is an Italian company that is designing and manufacturing nanotech based solutions for water treatment for civilian use. WNP is a spin off from Enzo Ferrari, engineer in the department of Modena University, and has offices in Milan and Modena, Italy.

ma-new-logoPROJECT: MARUTI ASSOCIATES    |    YEAR: 2014 and closed on N/A

A Private Investment Bank Organization providing alternative capital solutions for large scale projects internationally since 1980.