Investing in recycling is fundamental to guaranteeing a sustainable planet for a growing population. We seek business opportunities in the Americas, the Middle East, Central Asia, Asia, and Europe.

Rama Business Solutions seeks solutions for the following:recycling

  • Biodiversity protection projects
  • Green information technology
  • Paper, aluminum, plastic and glass recycling industry
  • Hazard materials
  • Socio-environmental investments
  • Recycling “green technology”

By developing new business opportunities through the capitalization of financial resources with foreign direct investments, public-private partnerships, joint ventures, and short term contracts in conjunction with interested firms, Rama Business Solutions strives to increase and improve the sustainability of the world.

“Seeking solutions in solid waste treatment technologies and waste-to-energy projects in sanitary and hazardous landfills are expanding significantly. The Brazilian government plans to invest R$ 1.5 billion (US$ 870 million) in solid waste treatment projects, replacement of garbage dumps, introduction of selective waste collection services, and financing of cooperatives of waste collectors. The Brazilian government expects that recycling activities income will increase from R$ 2 billion (US$1.1 billion) to R$ 8 billion (US$ 4.7 billion).” – International Trade Administration