Stuart Galloway

stuartStuart has specialist expertise, developing and procuring differing project delivery models, financing structures, partnering arrangements and framework agreements. His advisory roles are provided across a variety of industry sectors including accommodation, transportation, affordable housing, mining, education, health and IT.

His advisory roles include expertise of the UK, European and Canadian infrastructure markets where he specializes in public private partnerships and project finance transactions. Currently he is advising Federal, Provincial and non-profit clients across most Provinces.

Stuart works closely with the client team and often performs the role of Commercial or Project Director for the duration of a specific project, either full or part time depending upon the client needs.

Espirito Corp. Vision is “Places Enabling People”.Espirito
We believe in environments and communities that are accessible to all, bridging multi-cultural and economic divides and providing quality and safe platforms to enable the success of those who use them. Whether housing, places of education, transportation or working environments that inspire success and wellbeing.

Espirito Corp. Mission
We work alongside our clients to develop and deliver inspiring projects that offer innovative solutions, achieve Value for Money and encompass sustainable, long term solutions. With relentless focus on achieving the highest quality and client satisfaction, we will constantly strive to excel and become your Trusted Advisor.